Ceramic Pro Shampoo | Car Detailing Products


Highly concentrated shampoo

Ceramic Pro is a premium shampoo that is a great solution for tougher residue. It is one of the premier car detailing products that is a highly concentrated detergent engineered for cleaning you vehicle.

Cleanness and safety

  • superdetergent for fast cleaning of surfaces
  • excellently removes fats, oils and other dirt
  • highly concentrated detergent
  • environment friendly formula
  • wide application range


Ceramic Pro Shampoo used for the treatment of:

  • body wash cars
  • disk cleaning
  • engine cleaning
  • domestic use

Volume available for purchase: 1L
Consumption: Dilute with water as recommended:
very dirty surface (e.g. motor) 1:0-2
medium oil foulness (e.g. wheel rims) 1:3-10
car body wash 1:10-40
Long shelf live!
– Great car detailing product
– 5 years in factory sealed packaging
– 1 year once packaging is open