Car Detailing


Heard the term “Car Detailing” before?

At Ceramic Pro UK, every car receives full interior and exterior detailing. You can still always choose extras from our in-line and off-line wash options. All services are performed by our professional staff. In fact, one single individual staff member will personally completes your car detailing.

One man Car Detailing

With a “one-man” per car set-up, you can be sure your car is given the attention it deserves. Since every wash at Ceramic Pro UK is considered a full service wash, your car really shines!

A wash always includes the following personalized services:
Soft Cloth Wash
Wheel Sparkle
Computerized Wheel Cleaner
Custom Vacuum
Windows and Ash Trays
Dash and Console
Hand Towel Dry


Ceramic Pro Ltd also brings you additional personal features.
These detail services include:

Complete Hand Detailing
Hand Washing
Hand Waxing
Carpet Shampoo
Silcone Tire Dressing