Ceramic Pro Cleaner | Makes the Car Polish Easier

Universal cleaner for various surfaces

Ceramic Pro Cleaner removes the contaminants and residue on the surface allowing for a more beautiful car polish.

Cleaning with Ceramic Pro Cleaner

  • Coupling Process Before Coating
  • Improve Coating Chemical Bonding
  • Extend The Coating Longevity
  • Removed Residues Of Buffing Works
  • Saving Time and Cost Efficient


Used for the treatment of

  • car paintwork
  • car window
  • chrome elements
  • leather surface
  • stone and tile


The benefits of Ceramic Pro Cleaner

  • Practical! – suitable for standalone use
  • Cost-effective! – low-cost surface cleaning
  • do not require special skills and training
  • do not require additional exposition
  • save time and money, providing perfect result

Volume available for purchase: 300ml
Consumption: Consumption depends on degree of fouling; an average consumption is 100-150 ml per car
Application method: Factory spray bottle trigger.
Long shelf live:
ā€“ 5 years in factory sealed packaging
ā€“ 1 year once packaging is open