Know the versatility of ceramic protective coating


Know the versatility of ceramic protective coating

Ceramic is a Greek word ‘Keramikos’ for pottery. This word ‘ceramic’ is used as an adjective describing a product, material or process. The earliest ceramics were pottery objects made by humans and this also included the old figurines that had clay mixed with materials such as silica that was hardened in fire. It was glazed and now ceramics include building, industrial and domestic products. The new ceramic materials have advanced and are used as advanced ceramic engineering and works as ceramic protective coating.

Ceramic pro UK includes a range of ceramic protective coatings that are appropriate for air and marine surfaces and automotive such as glass, paint, plastic, leather, fabric, alloy and rubber. The ceramic protective coating presents a unique formula that proves to be the advanced protective coatings. The ceramic pro is formulated with high experience to suit as the industrial protective coating and is specifically formulated for automotive. It is also approved by the SGS, the leading verification, inspection, testing and Certification Company in the world.

Special car care

Ceramic protective coating is ideal as car care. Ceramic pro UK products are recently revolutionizing the automobile industry. There are many others offering sealants or waxes to protect the surfaces of car and it wears off eventually but ceramic protective coating provides a permanent protection for alloy wheels, paint, leather, glass and rubber. Today, it is trusted by professionals and slowly giant automobile manufacturers such as Mercedes Benz are using this for Carlsson cars as official paint protection.

Automobile Benefits

  • Ceramic Pro UK protects damaging environment
  • Keeps your car clean that it is easier to clean
  • No waxing or polishing is required
  • Permanent high gloss finish
  • Lifetime warranty backup

General Advantages

Ceramic protective coating can be used in severe environments and can be coating to ceramic and carbon matrix composites, super alloys, refractory metals and graphite. The advantages include:

  • Fully dense ( No Porosity)
  • Offers thermal protection
  • Offers high temperature oxidation protection for both carbon based and refractory metal based components
  • High emissivity
  • Available in various oxides, metal carbides, borides and nitrides
  • Applicable to textured surfaces and intricate shapes

The ceramic protective coating is useful for airframe and engine components, thermal protection system components and fiber interface coatings. It is also observed that ceramic pro UK can be applied to substrates such as tungsten, niobium, molybdenum and silicon carbide.

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