Ceramic Pro Ceramic Pro Cleaner Universal cleaner for various surfaces
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Ceramic Pro Cleaner

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Ceramic Pro Cleaner
Ceramic Pro Cleaner

Ceramic Pro Cleaner

Model Number: CPCleaner
Universal cleaner for various surfaces
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Manufacturer: Ceramic Pro
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Cleaning with Ceramic Pro Cleaner

Coupling Process Before Coating
Improve Coating Chemical Bonding
Extend The Coating Longevity
Removed Residues Of Buffing Works
Saving Time and Cost Efficient

Used for the treatment of

car paintwork
car window
chrome elements
leather surface
stone and tile

The benefits of Ceramic Pro Cleaner

Practical! – suitable for standalone use
Cost-effective! – low-cost surface cleaning
do not require special skills and training
do not require additional exposition
save time and money, providing perfect result

Volume available for purchase: 300ml Consumption: Consumption depends on degree of fouling; an average consumption is 100-150 ml per car Application method: Factory spray bottle trigger. Long shelf live: – 5 years in factory sealed packaging – 1 year once packaging is open
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